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Asus Taichi was presented by Asus as an ultrabook that can be folded or rotated into tablet. The concept is not really new since we already saw many convertible tablet, however two IPS displays installed by Asus on Taichi. The displays are located inside and outside the display lid. The displays can be independently control, so different or the same content can be displayed on it.

Switching between the different display modes of the display can be done by software or by a button located on the left side. Subjectively, the color reproduction of both displays is different. The brightness of both displays is good. Both displays have their own lighting unit.

When folded, the Asus Taichi is in tablet mode. Equipped with Windows 8, and the touch screen is conveniently operated with the fingers. Hands-on inputs were implemented quickly. The internal display does not support touch input.

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The Look and feel of Asus Taichi

The housing of Asus Taichi is made of dark aluminum and the workmanship is outstanding. Despite its slim profile, the base unit is very stable. Two little feet on the bottom of the display lid provide in the unfolded state for a firm footing

Asus Taichi – Equipments

All interfaces are installed on the sides of the Asus Taichi: In each case a USB 3.0 port on the left and right, a mini-HDMI and mini-VGA port are provided. A headset jack and a rocker switch to adjust the volume are just on the left side as a key for screen switching.

The keys have a short stroke, tactile and soft keystroke, so are difficult to hear tapping sounds.

The click pad is multi-touch input to quickly and reliably. The protection to accidental tripping through the palm worked very well in the short test. The two built-in smooth-moving keys confirm entries with a subtle cracking.

Conclusion on Asus Taichi Review

Asus launches the Taichi with two displays, different version of the Ultrabook convertibles on the market. The application scenarios where the two displays can be used simultaneously are likely to be clear. At least in the business use in presentations a useful application is given.

The Asus Taichi with two screens will be available in two models from $1.299. The launch will take place simultaneously with Windows 8. It is available from the end of October.

The larger version of Taichi 13.3-inch Full HD display will be available in two versions, as of early December. Both models differ in processor power and hard disk size from each other.

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